Müller, Dominik M.: Sharia Law and the Politics of Faith Control in Brunei Darussalam. Dynamics of Socio-Legal Change in a Southeast Asian Sultanate, pp. 313-345

The government of Brunei is currently coming in for sharp criticism from inter­national observers and human rights organizations for enforcing a far-reaching Sharia law reform which carries drastic maximum penalties such as stoning to death for religious offences. This article contextualizes Brunei’s approach to Islamic governance vis-à-vis its domestic discursive context.

Karbaum, Markus: The Dynamics of Social Change in Cambodia. Moving away from Traditionalism?, pp. 229-259

Despite enormous exogenous influence since the early 1990s and considerable changes caused by the economic rebound, Cambodian society still appears largely traditional and has taken only limited steps towards modernization. Although the motivation of the current regime – maintaining its hegemony – does not offer incen­tives for the evolution of modern attitudes, perceptions and behavior, the impact of a change in government would not be sufficient for a general shift.

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