Katsuo Nawa: Triangulating the Nation State through Translation. Some Reflections on Nation, Ethnicity, Religion and Language in Modern Japan, Germany and Nepal, pp. 11-31

This paper is an attempt at expanding and problematizing the Japan-German com­parison of “nation state” in terms of religion, language, and ethnicity, by using Nepal as the third reference point. The main question raised concerns the translatability and effects of actual translation of four western concepts in the process of the spread of national­ism and the nation state: “nation state”, “religion”, “ethnicity” and “language”.

Guy Cumes: Review Article: Nation-Building and the Language Tetralemma. Andre Borgerhoff’s Competitive Nation- Building in Timor-Leste, pp. 347-357

In Competitive Nation-Building in Timor-Leste Andre Borgerhoff examines Timor-Leste in the period 2002–2007 during which political and social division brought the new state to near collapse. He argues that the crisis of this period was associated with the inherently contested nature of nation-building, and this was exemplified by what he identifies as the language tetralemma. His work builds upon literature which argues that nation building, language policy and national identity are fundamental factors which are closely associated with ongoing violence in post-conflict states.

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