Vol. 48, Heft / Issue 1-2, July 2017 | Cultural Elites and Elite Cultures in South Asia

Cover IQAS Spring 2017
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Download complete issue, pp. 1-166 PDF icon Spring 2017
Uwe Skoda, Jyotirmaya Tripathy: Editorial: Cultural Elites and Elite Cultures in Contemporary India and South Asia. Constructions and Deconstructions, pp. 5-13 PDF icon Editorial
Jakob Rösel: Elites and Aristocracy in Colonial and Postcolonial Sri Lanka, pp. 15-32 more » PDF icon Sri Lanka
Kaamya Sharma: How to Dress a National Elite: The Case of the Kalakshetra Sari, pp. 33-53 more » PDF icon Kalakshetra Sari
Tereza Kuldova: Forcing “Good” and the Legitimation of Informal Power. Philanthrocapitalism and Artistic Nationalism among the Indian Business Elites, pp. 55-75 more » PDF icon Philanthrocapitalism
Jyotirmaya Tripathy: The Broom, the Muffler and the Wagon R: Aam Aadmi Party and the Politics of De-elitisation, pp. 77-95 more » PDF icon Aam Aadmi Party
Stefanie Lotter: Gender Gap, Gender Trap: Negotiations of Intersectionality and Patriarchy amongst Women Elites in Nepal, pp. 97-115 more » PDF icon Nepal
Sudarsan Padmanabhan: Theory as Elite: The Phenomenological Dilemma of Dalit Critique, pp. 117-136 more » PDF icon Theory
Book Reviews, pp. 137-154 PDF icon Reviews
Conference Reports, pp. 155-163 PDF icon Reports