Vol. 46, Heft / Issue 1-2, May 2015 | Contemporary Indigeneity and Religion in India

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Download complete issue, pp. 1-223 PDF icon Spring 2015
Gregory D. Alles, Lidia Guzy, Uwe Skoda, Ülo Valk: Editorial, pp. 5-15 PDF icon Editorial
Lidia Guzy: Music and Non-Brahmin Priests of the Bora Sambar Region in Western Odisha, pp. 17-38 more » PDF icon Odisha
Deborah Nadal: Housing Ancestors. The Reorganization of Living Spaces among the Birhor of Jharkhand and Odisha, pp. 39-58 more » PDF icon Birhor
Stefano Beggiora: Journey to the Center of the World. Indigenous Cosmogony of Kuttia Khond in Odisha, pp. 59-80 more » PDF icon Kuttia Khond
Uwe Skoda: Rajas, Adibasis and their Goddess(es). Dasara Rituals and a Sacrificial Polity in a Former Feudatory State in Odisha, pp. 81-101 more » PDF icon Odisha
Gregory D. Alles: Work and Play in Gamshahi. Performing the Indigenous Village in Eastern Gujarat, pp. 103-125 more » PDF icon Gujarat
Claire S. Scheid: Talom Rukbo and the Donyipolo Yelam Kebang. Restructuring Adi Religious Practices in Arunachal Pradesh, pp. 127-148 more » PDF icon Arunachal Pradesh
Meenaxi Barkataki-Ruscheweyh: Best of All Worlds: Rangfraism. The New Institutionalized Religion of the Tangsa Community in Northeast India, pp. 149-167 more » PDF icon Rangfraism
Margaret Lyngdoh: On Wealth and Jealousy among the Khasis. Thlen, Demonization and the Other, pp. 169-186 more » PDF icon Khasi
Reviews, pp. 187-209 PDF icon Reviews
Conference Reports, pp. 211-219 PDF icon Reports
Obituary, pp. 220-221 PDF icon Obituary