Vol. 44, Heft / Issue 1-2, May 2013 | Special issue: The Durand Line

Cover Asienforum Heft / issue 1-2, May 2013
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Conrad Schetter: The Durand Line. Introduction, pp. 5-7 PDF icon Schetter - Introduction
Jakob Rösel: Ancient Regions, New Frontier. The Prehistory of the Durand Line in Baluchistan, pp. 7-24 more »
Elisa Giunchi: The Origins of the Dispute over the Durand Line, pp. 25-46 more »
Conrad Schetter: The Durand Line.The Afghan-Pakistani Border Region between Pashtunistan, Tribalistan and Talibanistan, pp. 44-70 more »
Christian Wagner, Amina Khan: The Changing Character of the Durand Line, pp. 71-84 more »
Sayed Wiqar Ali Shah: Fencing of the Durand Line and Its Impact, pp. 85-103 more »
Rüdiger Blumör: Haben die Taliban eine Bildungsstrategie? Zur Mikrobildungspolitik einer Aufstandsbewegung, pp. 105-131 more » PDF icon blumoer.pdf
Michael von Hauff, Deepa Chandran, Lopamudra Ray: Challenges for a National Sustainability Strategy of India, pp. 133-155 more »
Reviews, pp. 157-194 more » PDF icon reviews-vol-44-1-2.pdf
Conference Reports, pp. 195-213 more » PDF icon conferencereports-vol-44-1-2.pdf