Karbaum, Markus: The Dynamics of Social Change in Cambodia. Moving away from Traditionalism?, pp. 229-259


Despite enormous exogenous influence since the early 1990s and considerable changes caused by the economic rebound, Cambodian society still appears largely traditional and has taken only limited steps towards modernization. Although the motivation of the current regime – maintaining its hegemony – does not offer incen­tives for the evolution of modern attitudes, perceptions and behavior, the impact of a change in government would not be sufficient for a general shift. Instead, the level of education, likely to continue to improve, has already had a noticeable positive effect on attitudes toward a more modern way of life. By analyzing quantitative and qualitative data, the author examines the evolvement of religion, family cohesion, gender roles and equality, the hierarchic social order, economics, and politics to find evidence for the dynamics of Cambodian society.

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