Skoda, Uwe

Uwe Skoda: Rajas, Adibasis and their Goddess(es). Dasara Rituals and a Sacrificial Polity in a Former Feudatory State in Odisha, pp. 81-101

The article considers not only the frequently postulated link between king and goddess in India, but also the crucial alliance between Raja and Adibasis in a former princely state in north-western Odisha. The two elements together form a pivotal triangle in a wider sacrificial polity, i.e., the link between the latter is renewed and mediated through the goddess. The process is exemplified by the Dasara rituals and it is argued that these links continue despite the formal abolition of kingship.

Uwe Skoda: Politiker und Prinz. Ein Raja und seine Rhetorik im indischen Wahlkampf von 2004, pp. 245-277

The article highlights the role and situation of a raja, a king or “prince” in the colonial jargon, during the election campaign to the Legislative Assembly of Orissa as well as to the Lok Sabha in 2004. Even after the formal abolition of royal rule in the wake of India's independence, royal families remained active in politics. Looking at this involvement the analysis, based on detailed ethno¬gra¬phy, stresses the cultural shaping of democracy and political practice in India. Focusing on the campaign rhetoric and the approaches of M. Weber and W. H.

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