Heinrich, Patrick

Patrick Heinrich: Scaling the Linguistic Landscape in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, pp. 33-55

This paper discusses four different linguistic landscapes in Okinawa Prefecture: Naha Airport, Yui Monorail, Heiwadōri Market and Yonaguni Island. In addition to Japa­nese, Ryukyuan local languages are spoken there – Uchinaaguchi in Okinawa and Dunan in Yonaguni. Okinawan Japanese (Ryukyuan-substrate Japanese) is also used. In the linguistic landscapes these local languages and varieties are rarely repre­sented and, if they are, they exhibit processes of language attrition. The linguistic landscape reproduces language nationalism and monolingual ideology.

Patrick Heinrich: Visions of Community: Japanese Language Spread in Japan, Taiwan and Korea , pp. 239-258

This paper discusses language policy behind the spread of Japanese among Japanese linguistic majorities and Japanese colonial subjects. The period discussed stretches from 1868, the year of the Meiji restoration, until 1945, when Japan withdrew from all its colonies. Policies in four polities are discussed: Ainu Mosir (Hokkaidō), the Ryukyu Islands, Taiwan and Korea. In Japan, modernization included aspects of co-lonialism and colonialist features of modernization. Hence, the policies for spreading Japanese are found to be similar, if not identical, but the policy effects differ.

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