Gottschlich, Pierre

Pierre Gottschlich: The India-Myanmar Relationship: New Directions after a Change of Governments?, pp. 171-202

Despite a promising start after independence, bilateral relations between India and Myanmar have had a long history of mutual neglect and obliviousness. This paper revisits the developments since the end of colonial rule and points out crucial historical landmarks. Further, the most important policy issues between the two nations are discussed. The focal point of the analysis is the question of whether one can expect new directions in the bilateral relationship since the election of new governments in India in 2014 and in Myanmar in 2015.

Pierre Gottschlich: Die Parlamentswahlen in Indien 2014, pp. 301-332

The 2014 parliamentary elections in India delivered an unexpectedly clear mandate for change: the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won an absolute majority in the lower house, the Lok Sabha. Its controversial leading candidate Narendra Modi is the new prime minister of India. How could the BJP achieve such an overwhelming victory? This article analyses the elections and some of the main reasons for the unprecedented BJP triumph. It starts by evaluating voter turnout and its consequences and then discusses the result itself.

Pierre Gottschlich: Apu, Neela, and Amita. Stereotypes of Indian Americans in Mainstream TV Shows in the United States, pp. 279-298

Indians and Indian Americans in the United States have often been stereotyped. Many of these clichés are reflected in the portrayal of Non-Resident Indians (NRI) and Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) in American TV shows. This paper analyzes the stereotypes in the characters of three of the most well-known Indian Americans on TV.

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