Butsch, Carsten

Carsten Butsch: Transnational Networks and Practices of Overseas Indians in Germany, pp. 203-225

The number of non-resident Indians and People of Indian Origin living in Germany has doubled in the last 15 years. Against this background, the paper looks at the multiple cross-border linkages maintained by Indian migrants in Germany. The paper first portrays the development of Indo-German migration since 1950. The main section then describes what linkages are developed by Indian migrants living in Germany between their places of residence and their places of origin.

Carsten Butsch, Patrick Sakdapolrak, V.S. Saravanan: Urban Health in India, pp. 13-32

As India becomes ever more urbanised, urban health issues are becoming new impediments for future development. Yet, the topic has received only scant attention in research and politics. This contribution discusses determinants and outcomes of urbanisation on health and the effects of health on urbanisation. First, it provides a framework for the analysis of health in the urban context.

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