Vol. 47, Heft / Issue 3-4, November 2016 | Geographical South Asian Studies

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Claudia Derichs: Editorial, pp. 5-10 PDF icon Editorial
Katsuo Nawa: Triangulating the Nation State through Translation. Some Reflections on Nation, Ethnicity, Religion and Language in Modern Japan, Germany and Nepal, pp. 11-31 mehr »
Patrick Heinrich: Scaling the Linguistic Landscape in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, pp. 33-55 mehr »
Yumiko Ohara: Re-Inventing Hawaiian Identity. Conception of Ethnicity and Language in the Language Revitalisation Movement, pp. 57-80 mehr »
Aida Aaly Alymbaeva: Between Sart, Kalmak and Kyrgyz. Identity Dynamics in Kyrgyzstan, pp. 81-101 mehr »
Claudia Wiesner: Re-Scaling Nationhood and the European Union in France and Germany, pp. 103-127 mehr »
Reviews, pp. 129-156 PDF icon Reviews
Conference Reports, pp. 157-164 PDF icon Reports

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