Vol. 47, Heft / Issue 3-4, November 2016 | Geographical South Asian Studies

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Markus Keck, Carsten Butsch, Mareike Kroll: Editorial, pp. 171-178 PDF icon Editorial
Lisa-Michéle Bott: Linking Migration and Adaptation to Climate Change. How Stakeholder Perceptions Influence Adaptation Processes in Pakistan, pp. 179-201 more »
Carsten Butsch: Transnational Networks and Practices of Overseas Indians in Germany, pp. 203-225 more »
Katharina Molitor, Boris Braun: How Do Smallholders Cope with Food Price Changes? Insights from a Qualitative Case Study in North-Western Bangladesh, pp. 227-243 more »
Katja Mielke: Tracing Change: On the Positionality of Traditionally Mobile Groups in Kabuls Camps, pp. 245-271 more »
Harald Sterly, Daniel Gerads: Call Me in the Dorm. Mobile Communication and the Shifting Topographies of Intimate Relationships in Bangladesh, pp. 273-296 more »
Reviews, pp. 297-327 PDF icon Reviews
Conference Reports, pp. 329-340 PDF icon Reports

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