International Quarterly for Asian Studies

is a forum for multidisciplinary research on current and historical topics relevant to politics, economics and society in contemporary Asia. It seeks to make the results of social science research on Asia known to a broader public beyond the circle of regional specialists and to provide a solid and informed basis for the public discourse about Asia.

The contributions in either English or German are intended for a public that is aware that the regions and cultures of the world have always been interlinked and, thus, need to be understood in relation to one another.


The International Quarterly for Asian Studies is one of  Germany's leading journals on Asia. Submitted manuscripts are peer-reviewed anonymously by external reviewers and members of the editorial or advisory board.
Founded by Detlev Kantowsky and Alois Graf von Waldburg-Zeil in 1970, it has been edited and published at the Arnold Bergstraesser Instiute since 1996 (before it was published at the Weltforum-Verlag). The editorial management has been placed at the Institute already since 1978. 
Each volume (which comprises approximately 400 pages) entails two double issues which are published bi-annually.